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Pencil Paradise
Pencil Paradise

Meat leg by Jakub Pasierkiewicz Drawing, Pencil/Colored Pencil on Paper 36.0 inch x 29.5 inch $2,795

We all can remember it – feeling bored at school and doodling on your paper, just a silly little drawing done with your pencil. Well, your junior high doodles are back and they’ve gotten out of control!

Wave no.2 by Phill Foley Drawing, Pencil/Colored Pencil on Paper 27.5 inch (69.8 cm) x 39.0 inch (99.1 cm) $580

When we think of pencils, we may not think of art. To many people, pencils are instruments of standardized testing, not the tools to create masterpieces. But from shading to erasing, pencils have sketched some breathtaking drawings and they are emerging as a new way to create amazing things.

Marsh Madness by Bob Palmerton Drawing, Pencil/Colored Pencil on Pastel Sandpaper 13.0 inch x 10.0 inch $480

From the stylus used by Julius Caesar (a thin metal rod which left a light but readable mark on papyrus) to the mechanical pencil I stole from my lab partner in school, pencils have changed a lot. It all started when graphite, which leaves a darker mark than lead, was discovered in 1564. A large mine full of graphite was found in Borrowdale, England to the confusion and awe of the miners inside. Eventually, the graphite was stuck into hollowed out wood, creating the very pencils we know and love today. By 1662, they were being mass-produced as writing instruments.

Sediment #7 by Simon Williams Drawing, Pencil/Colored Pencil on Paper 39.4 inch (100.0 cm) x 39.4 inch (100.0 cm) (46.9 inch (119.0 cm) x 46.5 inch (118.0 cm) framed) $1,372

The practice of drawing with pencils dates back to the 17th century, when pencil drawings were all the rage. These drawings were known as Plumbago, which is the combination of graphite and clay. Pencil is famed for being very versatile, perfect for portraits and landscapes. Many modern pencils are still made of this same graphite, which is precise enough for taking the SAT and gentle enough for drawing hyper realistic works.

Midline by Allison Long Hardy Drawing, Pencil/Colored Pencil on Paper 22.0 inch x 72.0 inch $1,020

Now, hundreds of years later, pencils are still the preferred tool of the trade for students and artists alike. Pay homage to your high school self and invest in a pencil drawing today. From simple sketches to swooping lines, pencil drawings are limitless and breathtaking. Take a chance and erase all expectations, and check out some original pencil art on Zatista today.

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