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Sketchy Art

Marker Drawing No.2 by Mineko Yoshida $96

Drawings created with pen, pencil, or charcoal are a terrific medium to add to your growing collection of original artwork. They bring with them a subtly personal and hand made feel, like it may have just been created.

Logging Site Mixed Media Drawing by Kathleen Ney $190

In the studio realm, drawings can inspire creativity. Portraits and sketches embrace the world of art, bringing new perspectives into creative minds and hands.

20110629 Charcoal Life Drawing: Female Nude 07 by Sergio Lopez $131

Often, drawings are sketches of live art – models, places, woodlands, or objects. Sometimes though, the artist takes on a whole new spectrum with a design all of their own, like “Marker Drawing No. 2” by Mineko Yoshida.

leaving the circus by Edward Zelinsky $225

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