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Working With Colors
Working With Colors

As someone that only recently moved into a new tiny dorm room, I will be the first to admit, decorating can be very hard. And not just because I am living with two other people, it would be hard even if I was living alone.

To make matters even more complicated, I am working with a difficult color pallet. My walls are a boring beige, and I’m not allowed to touch them, so I am forced to work with this limited color choice.

But while I’ve been struggling to decorate, I’ve been thinking about how I can’t be the only one who has this problem. I mean, there are lots of people who are currently working with a basic color pallet and need to choose pieces that mesh with beige tones.

Whether it’s that stunning antique orange antique rug or the walls your landlord won’t let you paint, sometimes you just have to make the best of a particular situation! Luckily, when it comes to art, Zatista has you covered. With our color choosing tool, you can refine your search to find works in specific colors, so it’s sure to be what will work within your space.

Whether you’re looking for photography, paintings or sculpture, find the perfect piece of original artwork today on Zatista.com, and be sure to find the color that shines bright for you!

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