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Art By Meme And History
Art By Meme And History

Intelligence by William Oxer F.R.S.A. Painting, Oil on Canvas 14.0 inch x 12.0 inch (18.0 inch x 16.0 inch framed) $1,918

There’s an internet meme that shows a photo of a Renaissance-era portrait and the caption reads: *sits 27 hours for a portrait* “Oh my god, delete that. I’m serious, Barthalamew. DO NOT HANG THAT in the Great Hall.”

This joke, while humorous, illustrates a great point about art. For so long, the best way to honor or remember loved ones was to commission a portrait. Hopefully, these works turned out to be flattering, unlike the joke above.

Painting, Oil on Canvas 40.0 inch x 30.0 inch (46.0 inch x 36.0 inch framed) $10,095

Back in the day before cameras, paintings were supposed to be as realistic as possible. If you wanted to remember what you or your loved one looked like during a certain period of time, you would either need a painting or make do with your memories.

The Child’s Gaze by Christine Cousineau Painting, Oil on Canvas 30.0 inch x 40.0 inch $3,164

But if you think photo shoots are annoying now, imagine what life was like before cameras were invented. Just posing for a photo could take hours and it was likely that you would only end up with one or two for your entire life.

Portrait in White Dress by Katia Bellini Painting, Oil on Canvas 34.0 inch (86.4 cm) x 28.0 inch (71.1 cm) (34.0 inch (86.4 cm) x 28.0 inch (71.1 cm) framed) $2,910

Whether you capture moments via painting, film or your phone, we have captured our memories in many ways through the years. When choosing how to decorate your space, try spicing it up with a little bit of realism.

Although you have dozens, if not hundreds of photos on your phone, try capturing memories via a painting. Showcase your thoughts and feelings via original artwork.

At Zatista, we have hundreds of original pieces of art from all around the world. Discover your own personal favorite works and dazzle your space with original art today.

Isabel Bolivar 3 by Juan Zíngaro Painting, Oil on Canvas 35.0 inch x 51.2 inch $7,627

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