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The Magic of Gift Cards
The Magic of Gift Cards
Zeros and Ones
by Carolynne Coulson
Painting, Acrylic on Canvas
32.1 inch (81.5 cm) x 39.8 inch (101.0 cm)

Are you tired of playing blind guessing games trying to figure out what gift to give? Will it be an ugly sweater or plaid pajamas? Surely either could be returned. But fear not – the time of horrible gifts is over and a new era is upon us. Now you can save the games for after dinner and do yourself a favor by choosing a gift that always wins: a gift card for original artwork from Zatista.

If there is one thing about this world that is beautiful, it’s how diverse we are in every sense of the word. Whether it be race, gender or opinion, we all have different perspectives, and we all have different tastes in art.

Land Key 
by Christina Fedyk
Painting, Oil on Paper
40.0 inch x 40.0 inch

While one person may go gaga for watercolors, the other might be obsessed with oil paints. Some people are delighted to see whimsy in paintings, others are sticklers for realism.

No matter the taste, a gift card can be the perfect way to give the perfect gift. Plus, what is kinder than giving a special person the gift of choosing what they love? You get all the credit and none of the hassle. It’s a win-win!

Dune at Lido di Volano, Italy 
by Marko Fenske
Painting, Oil on Canvas
39.4 inch x 47.2 inch

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