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The Art of Impressionism

Guardian by Brent Hanson $635

Impressionist art was, debatably, the first modern movement in painting. Its start began in Paris, making way throughout Europe, and later becoming a style that many around the globe would come to love.

Memphis by Allan P Friedlander $2,235

The focus of impressionism is on the eye of the beholder. The painter captures an object as if they took a glimpse of it, turning it into a work of art that can be pondered upon by many.

Tolstoy by Thong Le $810

Zatista proudly displays this style of art that has made its way into the hearts and homes of many. Be it through a woman’s longing gaze, or the towering strength of an old oak, impressionist art tells a story.

Almost Gone by Anita Clearfield $650

Solitude by Jean Lurssen $250

What story will you allow it to tell in your home?

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