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The Real Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci c. 1503–06, perhaps continuing until c. 1517

CNN reported earlier this month about an interesting discovery regarding the famous “Mona Lisa” has recently been brought to the attention of the art world. Pascal Cotte, a French scientist, has uncovered a mystery like no other: three hidden paintings lie beneath the portrait! One of them is believed to be the “real” Mona Lisa. 

Man Holding Object by Georganna Lenssen $1,775

The found portrait reveals a woman gazing away but there is no trace of the “Mona Lisa” smile that the painting is known for.

Woman in a Red Hat by Christine Cousineau $2,980

The truth is yet to be fully known, but whether or not Da Vinci’s masterpiece depicts what was truly intended, we may never know. Scientists like Pascal Cotte are working hard to find the answers. This just goes to show that maybe, just maybe, art is never fully known – only seen. 

Which other masterpieces do you think may have secrets?



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