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Berlin Wall With Lights

via The Cool Hunter

Via Tuija Seipell for The Cool Hunter:

New and old Berliners, together with the entire world, took to the streets last fall, on the global 25th Anniversary celebration of the Fall of the Wall in 1989.


Via The Cool Hunter

The city, its citizens and friends participated in events that commemorated the Peaceful Revolution. Among the key projects we the web portal Fall of the Wall 25 where everyone was invited to post memories, opinions and thoughts about the world-changing event.


Via The Cool Hunter


Via The Cool Hunter

Another project was a concept called Lichtgrenze by artists Christopher and Marc Bauder. It was made up of a row of 8,000 white luminous balloons creating a 15-kilometre Border of Light, that marked the former course of the Wall which divided the inner city of Berlin from Bornholmer Strasse to Mauerpark and the Berlin Wall Memorial on Bernauer Strasse to the Reichstag, past the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie to the East Side Gallery.


Via The Cool Hunter

I am so encouraged to see art installations such as these becoming more and more a natural part of cultures around the globe. To have such a large piece of art that the public can engage in and experience, builds community in our world, bringing groups of people with vastly different experiences together by a common thread. Art heals!

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